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Clever Cabinets LLC, was invented in 2010 by Lenekka Portis. Clever Cabinets, are smart talking cabinets, that were initially designed to help improve any type of filing system, asset counting, and to help with improving patient care for patients and medical providers alike. They can also be used by any consumer or within any commercial platform or industry. As the inventor of Clever Cabinets LLC Lenekka , obtained her first two patents, granted by the United States Patent and trademark office in 2011, and later in 2013. The first sketch she made of her original design of Clever Cabinets LLC, was on a napkin in 2010. Since that time she has worked with several different designers and engineers to help bring out new ideas and additions to help improve on the design for manufacturing purposes as the need may arise.

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A Designer Is A Planner With An Aesthetic Sense.

Lenekka Portis


As the owner and inventor of Clever Cabinets LLC, my aim is to provide as many people as possible with my smart talking inventory and management systems. Which in turn will help them manage their daily tasks more efficiently.I have worked with multiple sectors like medical,social media, ecommerce and now in software development. I love new and innovative technology and I’m glad to have a small part in helping to bring about new and smart components of the technology we use today.
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Clever Cabinets LLC

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  • Enhance/Improve inventory systems
  • Create effective business communication
  • Enhancement to healthcare & patient care
  • Simplifies shopping
  • Can be used on a global scale
  • Creates better organization patterns
  • Will create new job opportunities
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