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Womens Criss Discount is also underway Cross Platform Max 81% OFF Slide Sandals Leather Slip Vinatage

Womens Criss Cross Platform Slide Sandals Vinatage Leather Slip


Womens Criss Cross Platform Slide Sandals Vinatage Leather Slip

Product description

Womens Criss Cross Platform Slide Sandals Vinatage Leather Slip on Open Toe Summer Wedge Slippersl


Shoes Type: Womens Platform Sandals

Toe Shape: Open Toe

Closure Type: Slip on

Outsole Material: Rubber

Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn


Size Chart

US Size 4.5 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 8 7/8 inch(22.5cm) = EU 35

US Size 5 B(M) US = Heel to Toe 9 inch(23cm) = EU 36

US Size 6 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 1/4 inch(23.5cm) = EU 37

US Size 7 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 1/2 inch(24cm) = EU 38

US Size 8 B(M) US = Heel to Toe 9 5/8 inch(24.5cm) = EU 39

US Size 8.5 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 7/8 inch(25cm) = EU 40

US Size 9 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 10 inch(25.5cm) = EU 41

US Size 10 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 10 1/4 inch(26cm) = EU 42

Please carefully refer to this size details to get a best match.

Womens Criss Cross Platform Slide Sandals Vinatage Leather Slip

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