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Kingston Brass KS4461TX Bargain sale French Fauce Widespread Special price Country Lavatory

Kingston Brass KS4461TX French Country Widespread Lavatory Fauce


Kingston Brass KS4461TX French Country Widespread Lavatory Fauce

Product description

Color:Polished Chrome

Product Description

This two handle bathroom faucet is constructed of high quality brass to ensure reliability and durability. Its premier finish resists tarnishing and corrosion. A matching pop-up drain is included and constructed of solid brass. All mounting hardware is included and standard US plumbing connections are used.

From the Manufacturer

This two handle bathroom faucet is constructed of high quality brass to ensure reliability and durability. Its premier finish resists tarnishing and corrosion. A matching pop-up drain is included and constructed of solid brass. All mounting hardware is included and standard US plumbing connections are used.

From the manufacturer

Kingston Brass KS4461TX French Country Widespread Lavatory Fauce

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