TransDeco,(Gloss,24",,Speaker,/moider700070.html,-,Black/De-Luxe),Stands,,,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,$168,Black $168 TransDeco Speaker Stands, 24", Black - (Gloss Black/De-Luxe) Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage TransDeco Manufacturer OFFicial shop Speaker Stands 24" Gloss - De-Luxe Black TransDeco,(Gloss,24",,Speaker,/moider700070.html,-,Black/De-Luxe),Stands,,,Musical Instruments , Live Sound Stage,$168,Black $168 TransDeco Speaker Stands, 24", Black - (Gloss Black/De-Luxe) Musical Instruments Live Sound Stage TransDeco Manufacturer OFFicial shop Speaker Stands 24" Gloss - De-Luxe Black

[Alternative dealer] TransDeco Manufacturer OFFicial shop Speaker Stands 24

TransDeco Speaker Stands, 24", Black - (Gloss Black/De-Luxe)


TransDeco Speaker Stands, 24", Black - (Gloss Black/De-Luxe)

Product description

Color:Gloss Black / De-luxe

Elegant and beautiful designed speaker stand complements most of TransDeco AV systems. Beautiful 24″ tall tempered glass amp; heavy gauge steel with high gloss black finish. Adjustable spike feet and spike cover are included for hardwood floor protection. Features: Constructed with tempered glass with beveled edges and heavy gauge steel with high gloss black finish ; Adjustable spike feet for uneven floor and to improve speaker performance and reduce sound distortion; Included soft pad for added security to the speaker; Built in wire management system; Included spike feet cover for hardwood floor protection; RTA design, easy to assemble. Sold as pair. Dimensions: 24″ H x 9.5″ W x 11.8″ D Top plate: 7″ W X 7″ D Base plate: 9.5″ W X 11.8″ D Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

TransDeco Speaker Stands, 24", Black - (Gloss Black/De-Luxe)

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