Max 57% OFF The Lakeside Collection Distressed with Sideboard Buffet Cabinet Max 57% OFF The Lakeside Collection Distressed with Sideboard Buffet Cabinet $120 The Lakeside Collection Distressed Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with Home Kitchen Furniture $120 The Lakeside Collection Distressed Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with Home Kitchen Furniture Collection,/jelliedness541501.html,Distressed,with,Cabinet,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Sideboard,Lakeside,Buffet,$120,The Collection,/jelliedness541501.html,Distressed,with,Cabinet,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Sideboard,Lakeside,Buffet,$120,The

Max 57% OFF The Lakeside Collection Distressed shopping with Sideboard Buffet Cabinet

The Lakeside Collection Distressed Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with


The Lakeside Collection Distressed Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with

Product description


This Distressed Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with Sliding Rail Barn Doors is a charming multipurpose storage unit. In your farmhouse style kitchen or dining room, it can be used a buffet table, a bar table, or coffee station. In the rest of the house, use it as rustic entryway table, a bedroom or living room storage cabinet, or a bookshelf. It will fit into any cabin, lodge, farmhouse, country, or primitive décor. It features 2 sliding barn doors that always leave 1/3 of the interior exposed. The shelf inside extends all the way across. MDF, metal, and plastic. Assembly required; assembly hardware included. 38”W x 11-3/4”D x 32"H

The Lakeside Collection Distressed Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with

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