6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Fender Flares Compatible Factory outlet Wheel $91 6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Wheel Fender Flares Compatible Automotive Replacement Parts $91,/iridomotor541557.html,Pocket,Textured,Rivet,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Flares,Wheel,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,Fender,6Pcs,Black,Compatible $91,/iridomotor541557.html,Pocket,Textured,Rivet,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Flares,Wheel,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,Fender,6Pcs,Black,Compatible 6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Fender Flares Compatible Factory outlet Wheel $91 6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Wheel Fender Flares Compatible Automotive Replacement Parts

Sales for sale 6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Fender Flares Compatible Factory outlet Wheel

6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Wheel Fender Flares Compatible


6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Wheel Fender Flares Compatible

Product description

Title: Fender Flares


Compatible For Toyota Tundra 2014-2017

SR | SR5 | Platinum | Limited | 1794 Edition| TRD PRO

Regular Cab | Double Cab | Crewmax Cab

Bed Length: 66.7 | 78.7 | 97.6

Color: Textured Black

Material: Black Polypropylene
Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear
Gives your vehicle upgrade, refresh look
Comes with 1 set of 6 pieces fender flare (4 for front and 2 for rear) 
100% UV protected textured black finish and paintable to match your specific vehicle color.
The flares are also paintable should you decide that you want to have them custom painted.
Helps to reduce spray and protects paint with fender flares.
To protect wheel from mud, scratches, sand and other outer damage
No cutting or trimming needed; Installs with Provided Hardware kit. 
Professional installation is highly recommended

Our fender flares offer additional tire coverage and protection without looking cheap or flimsy. In fact, these fender flares have an extremely rugged bolted-on look. These fender flares are made from a unique poly material that is resists cracking, chipping or fading. The flares are also paintable should you decide that you want to have them custom painted. Fender flares are very easy to install right in your own garage. All you need is a little time since they are custom designed to use factory holes and there is no drilling or cutting required to get a perfect fit.

Package Includes:
A set (6pcs) of pocket style Fender Flares

6Pcs Textured Black Pocket Rivet Wheel Fender Flares Compatible

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