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SPIRIT 40% OFF Cheap Sale DEED Pocket Knife with Leather Handle Sheath Wood Excellence L Snake

SPIRIT DEED Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath,Snake Wood Handle,L


SPIRIT DEED Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath,Snake Wood Handle,L

Product Description

 Damascus Steel

About Handmade Folding Knife

  • The steel used in your new SPIRIT DEED knife is high-end VG10 damascus steel.
  • Hand-made damascus blades have pattern difference with each other.
  • The natural wood handles have color difference with each other.
Blade Length 2.9in 3.3in 2.5in 3.3in
Blade Material VG10 Damascus VG10 Damascus VG10 Damascus VG10 Damascus
Handle Material Rosewood Rosewood and Seashell Rosewood Rosewood
Clip or Not
Belt Learther Sheath

SPIRIT DEED Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath,Snake Wood Handle,L

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