Ambutech 4-Sec. Courier shipping free shipping Folding Cane-Marsh-48-in Graphite Folding,,$49,Graphite,4-Sec.,/interthreaded700090.html,Ambutech,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Cane-Marsh-48-in Ambutech 4-Sec. Courier shipping free shipping Folding Cane-Marsh-48-in Graphite $49 Ambutech 4-Sec. Folding Graphite Cane-Marsh-48-in Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Folding,,$49,Graphite,4-Sec.,/interthreaded700090.html,Ambutech,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Cane-Marsh-48-in $49 Ambutech 4-Sec. Folding Graphite Cane-Marsh-48-in Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment

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Ambutech 4-Sec. Folding Graphite Cane-Marsh-48-in


Ambutech 4-Sec. Folding Graphite Cane-Marsh-48-in

Product description

Ambutech UltraLite Folding Graphite Canes offer unique composite construction with aluminum ferrules and Fingerguards that protect the elastic cord and ensure a snug joint fit, even after many miles of use. Strong and light weight. Greater flexural strength than aluminum canes. Double elastic cord assembly for added user security. Straight handle with flat-sided grip. White reflective tape with a six-inch red stripe (standard for normal North American usage.) Easy to replace/change white marshmallow hook tip is molded from heavy duty nylon and held securely in place with the elastic cord inside the cane shaft. Available in lengths from 36" to 64".

Ambutech 4-Sec. Folding Graphite Cane-Marsh-48-in

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