Vive Precision Blood Pressure Cuff Machine We OFFer at cheap prices Heart Rate - Monitor Vive Precision Blood Pressure Cuff Machine We OFFer at cheap prices Heart Rate - Monitor Pressure,Heart,Monitor,,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Machine,Cuff,-,Rate,Blood,Precision,$35,/humectation700015.html,Vive $35 Vive Precision Blood Pressure Cuff - Heart Rate Monitor Machine Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment $35 Vive Precision Blood Pressure Cuff - Heart Rate Monitor Machine Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Pressure,Heart,Monitor,,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Machine,Cuff,-,Rate,Blood,Precision,$35,/humectation700015.html,Vive

Vive Precision Blood Easy-to-use Pressure Cuff Machine We OFFer at cheap prices Heart Rate - Monitor

Vive Precision Blood Pressure Cuff - Heart Rate Monitor Machine


Vive Precision Blood Pressure Cuff - Heart Rate Monitor Machine

Product Description

Vive Precision Blood Pressure Machine Bundle (BPM + Case + Charger) - Heart Rate Monitor automatic

Vive Precision Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and Accessories

This inclusive bundle includes an individually tested Vive Precision digital blood pressure monitor, a protective hard shell travel case and a convenient power adapter.

Vive Precision Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:

Individually tested to ensure accurate results, the Vive Precision blood pressure monitor provides the convenience of at-home readings with the confidence of an in-office result. The functional LCD display is easy to read, featuring large numbers on a bright, backlit screen. Monitor memory stores up to 500 complete blood pressure readings to easily track and compare results for two individual users.

Portable Hard Shell Case:

Safely store and travel with your Vive Precision blood pressure monitor. The hardshell EVA case conveniently holds and protects your blood pressure monitor, blood pressure cuff and power adapter. Providing complete protection from occasional mishaps, the case is shock proof, durable, and semi-waterproof. The interior is lined with an extra soft material with mesh pockets to secure loose items.

What’s Included:

  • Vive Precision Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Wide range arm cuff (Fits Arms 8.75"- 16.5" or 22-42cm)
  • Four (4) AAA batteries
  • Illustrated User Manual
  • Vive hard travel case
  • Power adapter

Vive Precision Blood Pressure Cuff - Heart Rate Monitor Machine


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