$500 3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel Luster 5ft x 60ft (300 Sq/ft) Car Wra Automotive Exterior Accessories 3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel High quality Luster 5ft x Sq Car ft 60ft Wra 300 3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel High quality Luster 5ft x Sq Car ft 60ft Wra 300 Caramel,Satin,1080,(300,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Car,60ft,Sq/ft),/hexene477749.html,5ft,Wra,x,SP59,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,$500,3M,Luster $500 3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel Luster 5ft x 60ft (300 Sq/ft) Car Wra Automotive Exterior Accessories Caramel,Satin,1080,(300,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Car,60ft,Sq/ft),/hexene477749.html,5ft,Wra,x,SP59,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,$500,3M,Luster

3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel High quality Luster 5ft x Sq Car ft Max 73% OFF 60ft Wra 300

3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel Luster 5ft x 60ft (300 Sq/ft) Car Wra


3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel Luster 5ft x 60ft (300 Sq/ft) Car Wra

Product description

Size:5ft x 60ft (300 Sq/ft)

3M 1080 WRAP FILM SERIES are long-term, removable, dual cast coloured films are designed for solid colour vehicle detailing, decoration and full wraps without graphic protection. This film's Controltac pressure-activated adhesive allows it to slide and be repositioned until firm pressure is applied. The non-visible Comply air release channels assure fast, easy and virtually bubble-free installations. These vinyl films (minimum 3.5 mil) are sold in 60 inch rolls, allowing almost any section of a vehicle to be wrapped without seams. This film is recommended for full wraps and can be applied to your vehicles hood, trunk, roof, mirrors, door handles, glass, motorcycle parts, chrome, metal parts and just about any relatively non-porous surface. APPLICATIONS: Hoods, Roofs, Trunk lids, Bumpers, Door panels, Racing stripes, Exterior mirror covers, Entire vehicle wraps. FEATURES: 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 Matte Metallic, is a vehicle wrapping film that is used for full car wraps to update your auto's color and to protect its original paint. SPECIFICS: Film Type: Dual-Cast | Recommended Uses: Full Vehicle Wraps amp; Graphics, Architectural Signage, Buses, Cars amp; Vans, Mirrors, Bumpers, Hoods, Roofs, Vehicle lettering, Watercraft, Decals amp; Stripes, Accents amp; Trim, Electronics, Skins amp; More | Durability: Up to 7 years | Removable: Up to 3 years

3M 1080 SP59 Satin Caramel Luster 5ft x 60ft (300 Sq/ft) Car Wra

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