Sports Outdoors , Fan Shop,Black,MLB,Corey,Duffel,Pittsburgh,Leather,/hexene463149.html,,$88,Pirates,Bag MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Corey High quality new Duffel Bag Leather $88 MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Leather Corey Duffel Bag Sports Outdoors Fan Shop Sports Outdoors , Fan Shop,Black,MLB,Corey,Duffel,Pittsburgh,Leather,/hexene463149.html,,$88,Pirates,Bag MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Corey High quality new Duffel Bag Leather $88 MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Leather Corey Duffel Bag Sports Outdoors Fan Shop

MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Corey Tampa Mall High quality new Duffel Bag Leather

MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Leather Corey Duffel Bag


MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Leather Corey Duffel Bag

Product description

The Corey Duffel features a zipper that opens 180 degrees for easy packing. Large enough for an afternoon event, or a light weekend away. A bit of security is provided by an interior zippered pocket. An open front pocket is perfect for programs, maps, or your cell phone. This duffel also features an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.

MLB Pittsburgh Pirates Black Leather Corey Duffel Bag

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