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OREDY Struts 2PCS Front Suspension 40% OFF Cheap Sale Spring 172 Coil Sale price

OREDY Struts 2PCS Front Struts Coil Spring Suspension Struts 172


OREDY Struts 2PCS Front Struts Coil Spring Suspension Struts 172

Product Description



  • Our Mission: To be a better automotive suspension manufacturer in the auto parts aftermarket.
  • Business Philosophy: Win-win thinking is the foundation to grow our business. "Customers win, so we win".


Compatible with: (Detailed please check the fitment in the upper left corner)

2006-2011 Azera

2006-2010 Sonata


  1. Upper Strut Mount: Superior premium-style bearings.SAE-grade nuts and bolts.Superior rubber-to-steel bonding.All components manufactured to meet Superior performance.
  2. Hollow Bumper: The premium bumper prevents component damage when the suspension bottoms out.
  3. Coil Spring: Manufactured with high-quality steel, each coil spring is precisely calibrated to support the vehicle's weight and help ensure correct ride height.
  4. Upper Spring Seat: The upper spring seat provides consistent performance without transmitting noise or vibration into the chassis. It also supports the vehicle's weight and helps properly offset the spring in the strut tower.
  5. Strut Dust Boot: The durable strut boot can protect the strut rod and seals to increase the lifespan of shock strut.
  6. Lower Spring Isolators: Prevents metal to metal contact and helps eliminate noise between the spring and spring seat.
  7. NEW Premium Strut: Premium strut technology based on application. Each strut features application-engineered valving to complement each vehicle's unique ride and handling characteristics.

OREDY Shocks Struts

  • Brand new products. No refurbished parts!
  • High performance strut assembly oil, with high performance of anti-foam and anti-shear, reduce the internal wear.

  • Quicker - No need to take apart existing strut assembly
  • Safer - No need to compress coil springs
  • Easier - No specialized tools needed

  • More comfortable: Only slightly bump, feel much more comfortable.
  • More stable: Weaken the swing, more stable when starting and braking.

OREDY Struts 2PCS Front Struts Coil Spring Suspension Struts 172

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