$49 Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Quilt Sets Queen 3 Pcs, 100% Home Kitchen Bedding Jacquard,Queen,Quilt,100%,Blue,/glibness477503.html,Pcs,,Qucover,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,3,$49,Home Kitchen , Bedding,100%,Sets,Mandara $49 Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Quilt Sets Queen 3 Pcs, 100% Home Kitchen Bedding Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Surprise price 3 Pcs Sets Quilt Queen Jacquard,Queen,Quilt,100%,Blue,/glibness477503.html,Pcs,,Qucover,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,3,$49,Home Kitchen , Bedding,100%,Sets,Mandara Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Surprise price 3 Pcs Sets Quilt Queen

Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Surprise price 3 Brand new Pcs Sets Quilt Queen

Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Quilt Sets Queen 3 Pcs, 100%


Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Quilt Sets Queen 3 Pcs, 100%

Product description


Retro design add to your romantic bedroom. This quilt, it can be used as quilt in spring and summer, bedspread or sheets used in the winter.

Detail Info:
Each set includes 1 Quilt and 2 pillow shams
Queen Size Quilt: 90" x 98", 2 Pillowcases 19" x 27". Weihgt:about 7.27 LB

Color:Color amp;Style representation may vary by monitor.
Seller only provide good quality products to customers.

We usually use FBA shipping,it takes about 2-3 days to come to you.
Holiday Season maybe longer than normal delivery time.

Qucover Jacquard Mandara Blue 100% Quilt Sets Queen 3 Pcs, 100%

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