Women's 2021 V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother Long The Lace of Bride Dresses Women's 2021 V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother Long The Lace of Bride Dresses $105 Women's V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother of The Bride Dresses Long Lace Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $105 Women's V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother of The Bride Dresses Long Lace Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Cap,V,Sleeves,of,Long,/diastematic700019.html,The,Neck,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,Bride,Women's,$105,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Dresses,Lace,Mother Cap,V,Sleeves,of,Long,/diastematic700019.html,The,Neck,clevercabinetsinmotion.com,Bride,Women's,$105,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Dresses,Lace,Mother

Women's 2021 2021 new V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother Long The Lace of Bride Dresses

Women's V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother of The Bride Dresses Long Lace


Women's V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother of The Bride Dresses Long Lace

Product description

Welcome to Sukleet, we're a professional manufacturer and seller of short prom dress, cocktail dress, homecoming dress, bridesmaid dress, evening dress and party dress. We offer high quality dresses to our customers.

Item Description
Fabric: Chiffon
Decoration: Side Slit
Dresses Length: Floor Length
Silhouette: A Line
Neckline: V Neck
Back Design: Corset Closure

To make sure you can choose a correct size, do please have a look of our size information below.
US2 Bust32.5inches, Waist25.5inches, Hips35.75inches
US4 Bust33.5inches, Waist26.5inches, Hips36.75inches
US6 Bust:34.5inches, Waist:27.5inches, Hips:37.75inches
US8 Bust:35.5inches, Waist:28.5inches, Hips:38.75inches
US10 Bust36.5inches, Waist29.5inches, Hips39.75inches
US12 Bust38inches, Waist31inches, Hips41.25inches
US14 Bust39.5inches, Waist32.5inches, Hips42.75inches
US16 Bust41inches, Waist34inches, Hips44.25inches
US18 Bust45inches, Waist38.5inches, Hips47.5inches
US20 Bust47inches, Waist40.75inches, Hips49.5inches
US22 Bust49inches, Waist43inches, Hips51.5inches
US24 Bust51inches, Waist45.25inches, Hips53.5inches
US26 Bust53inches, Waist47.5inches, Hips55.5inches

If you want to custom the dress, please complete the format when you pPockets the order.
1.Full Bust _____ cm.
2.Waist _____ cm.
3.Hips _____ cm.
4.Hollow to hem(shoulder to floor with heels)(shoulder to floor with heels) ___ cm.
5.Natural height:_____cm.
6.High Heels_____cm
7.Phone Number______
8.The date you need the dress_____
For the urgent order,please contact us before placing order to ensure you can get it on time

Women's V Neck Cap Sleeves Mother of The Bride Dresses Long Lace

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