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GEEK TEEZ USCSS New Orleans Fashionable Mall Men's T-Shirt Nostromo

GEEK TEEZ USCSS Nostromo Men's T-Shirt


GEEK TEEZ USCSS Nostromo Men's T-Shirt

Product description

This product is made in America with high quality, eco-friendly materials. The fabric is refreshingly soft and carries the quality of a high-end department store. Our designs are screen printed, which requires an artistic touch and makes every print an original. Our premium ink contains small amounts of titanium to enhance its pigmentation and vibrance. The size is a true form shirt, meaning that it fits the traditional American cut in every size. Please do not hesitate to ask should you have any questions - we want you to love what you order and our promise is that we will make this a 1st class experience from purchase to delivery.

GEEK TEEZ USCSS Nostromo Men's T-Shirt

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is an international journal of research exploring science and technology in industrial applications.

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