PARSLEY SAGE Women's Ranking TOP12 Tunic Top Embellished Soutache Em Floral /Comtist541534.html,$47,PARSLEY,SAGE,Top,,Em,Women's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,,Embellished,Soutache,Tunic,Floral PARSLEY SAGE Women's Ranking TOP12 Tunic Top Embellished Soutache Em Floral /Comtist541534.html,$47,PARSLEY,SAGE,Top,,Em,Women's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,,Embellished,Soutache,Tunic,Floral $47 PARSLEY SAGE Women's Tunic Top, Soutache Embellished Floral Em Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $47 PARSLEY SAGE Women's Tunic Top, Soutache Embellished Floral Em Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

PARSLEY SAGE Women's Ranking TOP12 Tunic Top Quality inspection Embellished Soutache Em Floral

PARSLEY SAGE Women's Tunic Top, Soutache Embellished Floral Em


PARSLEY SAGE Women's Tunic Top, Soutache Embellished Floral Em

Product description

Elegant, flowing, lavishly embellished on front with soutache, braided trim, faux frog closures and embroidery. Rayon tunic has a velvet bodice, delicately edged hem and 3/4-length sleeves that end in ruffles. Sizes S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(16-18), 1X(18-20), 2X(20-22), 3X(24-26). Small hangs 24". Made in India. Specify Royal Blue or Black.

PARSLEY SAGE Women's Tunic Top, Soutache Embellished Floral Em

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